iPhone 4S Mid Frame Bezel Full Assembly Black

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iPhone 4S Mid Frame Bezel Full Assembly Black


Assembled small parts includes:

Here is a breakdown parts list which included:

Bezel with Middle Plate

3M Adhesives for iPhone 4S Screen

Black shield Sticker on middle plate

Snap Spring

Snap Spring Screw

Front camera Anti-static spacer

Front Camera Connector Port foam spacer

Front Camera Fastening Piece

Loud Speaker Anti-dust Mesh with Bracket

MIC Anti-dust Mesh with Bracket

Power Button

Mute Switch 

Volume Button

Volume&Power Button Metal Spacer

Phone Jeck Flex Black

Mute Switch Bracket

Mute Switch Fastening Piece

Mute Switch Foam Spacer

Mute Switch Metal Spacer

Phone Jack Flex Connector Port foam spacer

Volume Button Braket

Volume Button Sticker

Induction flex 

Induction filter lens

Sensor Hole Anti-dust Gasket

Sensor seperation foam strip

Power Button Braket

Phone Jack Flex Screw

Earphone Piece

Induction Flex connector port foam spacer

Induction Flex Plastic Spacer

Dock Connector Flex (black)

MIC Rubber Cover

Home Button

Home Button Flex

Loud speaker 

Antenna Flex with Feed Line

Dock Connector Flex connector port foam spacer

Dock Connector Screw

Battery Pull Tab and Adhesives

Vibrator (not Included)

Front Camera (not Included)


the following parts not assembled:

Water Damage Indicator (not Included)

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100% perfekt passform.



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iPhone 4s