About FHR

Since our inception in 2012, FHR Parts Ltd. has been developing at a rapid pace both in terms of size and in terms of our knowledge of the industry.

Founder and entrepreneur Andreas Cermak saw the potential for providing repair equipment for phone repair shops in the Nordic countries after noticing the increasing demand for cell phone repair. Previously in the phone repair business himself, Andreas had the necessary expertise and insight into the industry to let him start FHR Trading and attract others like him to his organization.

Today, FHR carries around 8,000 products in our product range, and regularly serves hundreds of clients around the Nordic countries. FHR Trading believes in high quality, expertise, and close relationships with our clients. The customer is at the center of our business. Thus, the majority of FHR’s resources is put into giving our customers the best support and security possible. Finally, we believe in constant improvement. We endeavor to develop our business and improve our performance in all of our core values:


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Some images from within our warehouse: