We only offer store credit or replacing the product. No cash returns.

NOTE! The following errors are not covered by the warranty.

  • Cracked screens or otherwise damaged.
  • Damaged flex cables.
  • If the technician himself glue, cut or alter the product.
  • Defective item must be reported in our RMA system.
  • For us to be able to approve a return all the steps in this guide must be followed.
  • If the contents of the package be damaged on the way to the FHR. Be sure to carefully package your return.

Good to know:

  • Transportation damages are reported here . For customers outside of Scandinavia contact us at Linus@fhr.se. FHR is not accountable for transportation damages.
  • The FHR warranty lasts 1-12 months. Contact us for more information.
  • 14-days return right according to european/law.
  • Invoice complaints must be made 14 days after recievement of the shipment.
  • We can not change an order onced it is placed.
  • An additional order made within 24 hours will not be charged double shipping costs, if the customer contact us and an agreement is made.
  • If there is no fault description / details about the return, we will hold the return it until we receive the information. It is the customer's responsibility to return to us with info. 

To return a product.

Step 1. (return request)
On our website:
Login to your customer account and press on "My Account" if you are not automatically sent to this page.

Step 2. (return request)
Select "My Returns" from the list on the left. Press the "Request New Return" from the dropdown, choose which order they belong to.

Tick the product / products and fill in the return description. You can complete your return notification under "More Information" and upload a picture.

Print your return form that is automatically generated by the system, see example below


Step 3. (mark your broken product)

It is important that you mark each part with a detailed error description and specify wich one it is if there are more of the same type (see instructions below).
Include clear information about what it is that is broken and who tested it and which RMA number it has (You recieve your RMA number during Stage 2).



Step 4. (Send back your product to FHR)
Pack the product carefully with bubble wrap and sturdy cardboard and the return ID that you obtained in step 2.
We do not accept any shipments through mail proxys. Do not send to a mail proxy, but directly to our warehouse.Send the package with the mail / DHL business package to the address that can be found below


FHR Parts AB
Att: Linus Hilmgård
Vanadisvägen 4, 113 46, Stockholm, Sweden

Need help or have questions about your return, please contact Linus: 
E-post: linus@fhr.se
Tel: 070 091 08 15