We BUY broken screens.

We have since 2014 specialized in buying broken screens. Help the environment and earn money by selling your screens to us. We currently purchase the following brand Apple. (If you want to sell Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and Sony please contact us first to see if it's possible).

 Here is how you can make some money.

1.Send us an email to support@fhr.se with the quantiy, model etc for the broken screens.

2. We confirm that you send the screens back.

3. Pack them well in pairs with bubble wrap and a hard box, as instructed below. Send at least 50 screens at a time.

4. For us to be able to pay you for your screens, it is important that the LCDs are intact when the screens come to us. We test screens daily so we can pay you for your screens within 4 days after we receiving them. The balance will appear on your Account


We update our prices every week, please call us if you have any questions: +46 70 403 08 14 or email linus@fhr.se

Get money for your old screens.

We buy old screen, we update our prices weekly


Fill out the form and we will send you a shipping label you can use to seen the screens to us.

How to pack your screens 

Place the screens glas to glas.

Put together five pairs to make a total of 10 in eatch stack.

(if you put in more the 10 screens in a stack they might get damaged in transportation)

Secure the screens so that every stack of 10 screens is protected with bubble wrap and tape. If you don’t have any bubble wrap please use other suitable material.

Place the stacks in the middle of the box, and fill all the empty space with soft packaging material

Fill the box all the way up, this is to protect the screens during transportation.

Please send a printed list with the amount of screens and what type that is in the box.

Tape over and under the box so it is securely closed and will not open during transportation.


Send the box with DHL or UPS to:

FHR Parts AB

Mailing address Vanadisvägen 4, 113 46, Stockholm, Sweden
Visiting address  Vanadisvägen 2. 113 46, Stockholm, Sweden