Here's to the crazy ones:

FHR Parts was founded in 2013 with the goal to become the service point’s left hand. Ever since, it is successful journey. Our professionalism and quality has made us grow, and helped us obtain costumers all over Europe. Our dedication to the market has paid off, and our team has grown from 2 to 12… and we are counting! “Customer-driven B2B sales” is our attitude. The success builds on our effective start-up mindset, and our hand-picked team, in which each individual can develop themselves along with the growth of the company. A team that always sets the “us” before the “I” , that always sets joy before must, and that honestly believes in the “good guy “-mentality in life and work. If you nod your head while reading this, then you are one of the “crazy ones” as Steve Jobs called us, and our fast-growing family welcomes you with open arms to become part of the team.