Our queue is full!

Unfortunately, we cannot currently accept screens because of long processing times due to too many batches.

Since 2014, we have specialised in buying broken screens. If a screen can be reused, that is good for the environment - and if you sell your screens to FHR, you get paid too.

We buy broken iPhone screens and used phones. For information about phones, contact (linus@fhr.se)


Save time and earn money
Selling screens to FHR is easy.
1. Count the screens and attach a list of the screens you want to sell - models and amounts. (We only buy original screens.)
2. Package them carefully two and two together in bubble wrap and a rigid box in accordance with the instructions below. Send us at least 50 screens at a time. 
3. Send the screens to us: FHR Parts AB, Vanadisvägen 4, 113 46, Stockholm.
4. For us to be able to pay you, it is important that the LCDs are intact when the screens reach us.
5. Your balance will be shown in your account on our website.
6. We retain the right to deny any screens that are broken or cannot be reused.

Up-to-date prices

We update our purchasing prices regularly. Please call us if you have questions: 070 091 08 15 or e-email: support@fhr.se 

iPhone 5S: 5 kr each

iPhone 6: 10 kr each

iPhone 6S: 20 kr each

iPhone 6 Plus: 10 kr each

iPhone 6S Plus: 20 kr each

iPhone 7: 20 kr each

iPhone 7 Plus: 30 kr each

iPhone 8: 30 kr each

iPhone 8 Plus: 35 kr each

iPhone X: 60 kr each

iPhone XS: 60 kr each

iPhone XS Max: 90 kr each

iPhone XR: 45 kr each

iPhone 11: 75 kr each

iPhone 11 Pro: 130 kr each

iPhone 11 Pro Max: 120 kr each

We do not purchase screens from iPhone models not listed here. For instance, 4, 4S, 5, 5C will be trashed if they are sent to us.


How to package the screens

Lay the screens glass-to-glass.


Put 5 pairs for a total of 10 together in a stack. Wrap a rubber band around them.
(Be advised that stacking more than 10 screens together increases the risk of them being damaged in transit.)

Protect the screens by wrapping each stack of 10 in bubble wrap and tape. If you have no bubble wrap, you can use a similar soft material.

Place the "stacks" in the center of a box. Make sure to fill any spaces with soft material.
Fill it all the way to the top of the box to protect the screens during transport.

Attach a printed sheet inside the box, listing the models and amounts of screens, as well as information of where they are sent from.

Securely tape up the top and bottom of the box so there is no risk of the package opening during transport.


Send the box by DHL/UPS to:

FHR Parts AB
Vanadisvägen 4,
113 46, Stockholm

E-post: support@fhr.se
Tel: 070 091 08 15

We test all screens, and our evaluation of their functionality is final.
We only pay for screens that pass inspection.
If you would like to cancel a pending process, we reserve the right to charge you for our work on the order. We charge 15 kr per tested screen.