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Lightning Cable: Appearance and Parts Materials

A lightning cable is created by combining at least 13 different parts together; ranging from the lightning DB Plug to Cable wire, all the way to the USB connector. This level of intricate and sophisticated design requires the top quality of materials used to produce the best result and create an unflawed finished product. Different manufacturers will often incorporate different qualities of materials which are in the end sold as fake products for the same or cheaper price. The differences are often subtle and hidden, but they are easily noticeable if you know what to look out for. These small differentiations can be the key factor between getting an original, top quality product; or a counterfeit, potentially hazardous knock-off which will only waste your money and time. Here, we will focus on those differences and show you how to recognize and avoid fake products, and be certain that you have purchased an original brand product of top quality.'








Lightning Cable: Original vs. Fake – Side by Side Comparison

In a few examples shown here, we will stress the differences between certified Apple accessories and counterfeit or uncertified Lightning accessories. Keep in mind these are just some of the counterfeit products and that there are others circulating around the market, but these are the main differences you can learn to recognize yourself. On the left are shown the original Apple-certified, and on the left are the fake versions.







Lightning DB Connector



As the most important parts of a lightning cable, it is well-known that Apple OEM lightning cables of MD818 & MD819 are built with E75 (we also call it S86 ic), in contrast to the MFi lightning cables which are mostly integrated with C48B lightning connectors, and a few of them also with C10B.

Professionally speaking, Apple currently has 3 authorized OEM manufacturers for all OEM genuine connectors (including but not limited to original E75, OTH, C10, C11, C12, C48, C68, etc.); they are FJM, Foxconn, JAE and Molex, with Foxconn being the biggest and main supplier.

Today’s market is flooded with fake lightning accessories, and all of them are built using fake lightning connectors and not the original E75. According to the latest customers’ experience and market research; there are at least 10 kinds of lightning connectors available. Referencing the MD818/819 lightning cables as examples, here we provide a brief overview of the original E75 and some copy models so you can learn the visual difference.





Original Genuine OEM Apple Lightning Cable tear-down for more details

As shown in the picture here, it is clear that the Original E75 Lightning DB connector has 8-chip on PCBA, and most of the fake lightning cables in the market nowadays have only 3 or 5-chip on PCBA.










Lightning Cable sizes Guide


Lightning ID Tester Machines, also known as Simple ATS Lightning Detectors

Trustworthy and reliable suppliers will do their best to offer professional service to customers. As such, we invest much effort to familiarize our valued customers to all the potential discrepancies and frauds, while aiming to ensure security and quality purchase every time. One of the best ways to recognize and discover counterfeit products is to use the Apple Lightning ID tester and detector to identify the lightning connectors.

There are at least 4 or 5 kinds of lightning ID testers available in the market today, and some of the versions are already outdated and obsolete, not being able to offer precise and correct information. Such useless versions include version 1, 2 and 3, which have all been rendered outdated for 3 years.

Realistically speaking, an Apple Lightning ID tester is a simple machine built with ATS detective OS inside, and the only professional and precise machine in the world today is the NI machine in Foxconn/Foxlink/Luxshare as depicted below.

NI Machine
The most professional, reliable and precise Apple lightning cable testing machine in the world. NI machine is valued at over 100,000 US dollars per piece. It is only used in Foxconn/Foxlink/Luxshare workshops and is not available for public purchase.


Version 4 ATS Lightning Detector – Aluminum box
– The Latest ATS Apple lightning connector code tester and detector. Simple ATS function; could detect or test original and most of the fake copycat lightning connectors in market.