Our grades for the phones are based on the appearance.
We only give warranty for the motherboard, 1 month from purchase date.
All our phones are used phones so they all have very small or heavier sign of usage, our finest phones are looking almost like new.

Grade A mix
The phones are in great condition. Majority of the phones in the mix are looking like new phones. They can have minor marks but very small so not seen able it if you not looking for it. Because this are mix some phones are slighter to B grade but in great condition.

Grade B+
The phones will have some signs of use. Mark/scratches can be found but overall they are in good condition. Scratches/dots is barely visible from arm length. 

Grade BC mix
BC-grade has heavier signs of usage but majority of the phones are used whit out a case and has scratches. No cracks will be on the phone. Used over one year. 

Grade C
Have more heavily signs of use then BC

Fully working Screen
This means the phones screen is not cracked and it’s working, so you can sell the phone directly in your shop/website.
Remember that the phones are used so some of them can have been repaired before and some might have small dots/pixel errors that only showed in some colors.

Cracked/Damaged Screens
The phones got cracked or damaged screen that need to be replaced. Can sometime have other small parts that need to be changed, often just the screen.

Small defects only motherboard warranty
The phones can be full of not working parts, cracked screen etc, but the motherboard is working.

1 month motherboard warranty.
The phones is sold in mixed colors, you can’t choose color but you can request if you call or send us an email.
All phones are unlocked and ready to sell.

The below checks are what we process stock.

• Handset charges
• Live call test 
• Buttons fully functional
• Microphone 
• Earpiece & Speaker
• Cameras (front and rear) functional 
• LCD-Display working 
• Touch screen fully functional
• Check for motherboard damages
• Bluetooth
• Sim-free
• FMI unlocked