Used phone grades




The majority of our phones are fully functional and can be used right away. We grade those based on appearance only.
They are all used phones, so they all have tiny to marked scratches and signs of wear. Our most high-grade phones are almost like new.
We only provide a warranty for the motherboard – 1 month from date of purchase.
We do not guarantee that all parts are original parts (if a phone has been repaired before). We do not guarantee that the screens have a true tone. We can not guarantee that the spare parts in the phones have all the features that come with updates with iOS, example battery health.

Grades for phones that are unbroken and have functioning screens:

 For those customers who don't wish to spend time on repairing phones.

  • Grade A – Almost like new. Only with special lighting could you possibly see any tiny scratches.
  • Grade B+ – Fantastic condition. Scratches almost invisible when the phone is held at arm's length. Small scratches may show up under rotating light. May have one slightly bigger scratch. These phones have typically been used with a case/cover.
  • Grade BC – Used condition where you get a good value for money. Large or small scratches and scuffs on the screen, bezel, and/or back. These phones have typically been used without any case/cover.
  • Grade C – Heavily used condition at a low price. Very scratched and may have large defects/discoloration on the bezel, back, etc.

Grades for phones with cracks in the glass and/or non-functioning screens:

Perfect alternative for customers who can repair phones themselves before selling.

  • Cracked screen – Fully functional phone except that the glass of the screen is cracked/damaged.
  • Cracked back – Fully functional phone, but the glass on the back is cracked/damaged.

All phones are rigorously tested by our team. They use a software that checks the phones step by step to rule out any technical errors.
This protocol shows which functions are tested:

Phone grading protocol

Fully functional screen
Phones with Grades A, B+, BC and C have fully functional screens. They have no cracks or internal damage and can be sold to your customers right away. 
Keep in mind that all our phones are used, so some of them may have been repaired before and some may have small dots/pixel errors on the screen that only show up in some colors.

Cracked screen/back
These phones have some sort of crack or cracks in the glass of the screen or back, as indicated by the name. This includes anything from a minor crack in a corner to large cracks across the entire glass.

Remember that all our phones are used, so they may have been repaired before and some may have small dots/pixel errors in the camera that only show up in certain colors.

Our test gives a pass to all batteries with roughly 80% capacity or above. The capacity is assigned based on how well the battery functions now compared to when the phone was new and the capacity was at 100%. This is reflected in how long the battery retains its charge, among other things.
On phones that score below 80% when tested, we will replace the battery before selling them.
Sometimes a phone will remain in our warehouse for a long time, resulting in loss of capacity post-testing. If it is below 75% upon delivery, we will of course offer you a new battery. Please let us know if this is the case!
We cannot guarantee that batteries will be compatible with the "battery health" function of the operating system.

Phones with motherboard malfunctions
Some phones that we sell have some kind of motherboard malfunction. The most common one is that the TouchID and/or FaceID is not working. This is always clearly stated in the name of the product.

Unlocked phones
All of our phones should be unlocked and ready to sell. If this is not the case, please get back to us with the IMEI number and we will unlock the phone for you.

Some of the functions that we test on all the phones in stock:

  • Charger port
  • Headphone port
  • Live call test
  • Buttons
  • Microphone
  • Ear speaker and loudspeaker
  • All cameras (front and back)
  • LCD
  • Touchscreen
  • Motherboard
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • SIM card reader
  • FMI unlocking