Our return policy

Please note that we only offer customer credit or product replacement; no refunds.

For us to approve your return request, all these steps must be followed:

  • Create an RMA via the customer account page.
  • Send the return within the return time of 14 days.
  • Write a detailed description of the damage for each returned product.
  • Only send screens that were purchased from us.
  • Products that were damaged during shipping must be reported within three days.

Different warranty for different products:

  • Warranty for iPhone and Huawei screens is 12 months.
  • Warranty for Samsung screens is one month. Shall be returned in original packaging.
  • Warranty for other parts is between one and six months. Contact us for more information.

Please note that the following issues are not covered by the warranty:

  • Product damage caused by customers' technicians.
  • Products that have been glued, cut or altered by customers' technicians.
  • Products that were not purchased from us.
  • Cracked screens.
  • Damaged flex cables.
  • Product damage incurred during transport back to FHR. Please make sure to pack your return carefully.

Good to know:

  • Damages caused during transport shall be reported here. For customers outside of Scandinavia, contact us at linus@fhr.se. FHR will not be held accountable for transportation damages.
  • Invoice complaints must be made within 14 days of receiving the shipment.
  • For additional orders placed with 24 hours of the first order, you will not be charged twice for shipping, as long as you get in touch with us to make an agreement (so that we can make sure that your orders really are shipped together).
  • If there is no description or details about the errors of the return, we will hold the return until we receive the relevant information. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide this information.

How to create a return order:

Step 1

Log into your customer account (and click on "My account" if you were not automatically sent to that page). In the menu on the left, click on "My Returns" and then on "Request new return" in the top right.

Step 2

Choose a shipment in the drop-down menu and click "Apply".

Tick the boxes for the products you wish to return, pick the quantity, reason, conditions and measures.

You can also choose to add more return products from different shipments by adding them from the drop-down menu and clicking "Apply" again.

You may write a more detailed description in the box at the bottom, as well as add pictures.

Step 3

When the return order has been placed, it will receive the status "Pending approval". As soon as our RMA staff has checked the order, you will get an e-mail saying it was approved. You may then return the products. If there are details missing so that we cannot approve the return, you will get an e-mail that you can reply to to clarify.

You will get an RMA number and a return postage slip that is automatically created by the system. (See below example.)

Step 4

It's important that you mark each component with a detailed description of the damage, as well as numbering them if there are several of each type. Clearly state what is damaged, who tested it, and which RMA it belongs to.

Package the products carefully in bubble wrap or similar and place them in a stiff cardboard box. Print the return postage slip and attach it to the package.

Step 5

Send the package with DHL or TNT to the address already printed on the slip.

FHR Parts AB
Vanadisvägen 4
113 46 Stockholm

If you need help or have any questions about your return, please contact Linus.

E-mail: linus@fhr.se
Phone: +46 700 91 08 15