Service guides - LCD-screen iPhone 6

Repair Guide iPhone 6 Front Panel Assembly

Step 1
Remove the two 3.6 mm Pentalobe screws. You will see them next to the Lightning connector.

Step 2
Open the screen with some type of suction cup or slack. Put the cup a little bit over the homebutton on the screen and gently push it up. You will now see it slightly separate the front panel from the rear case. Do this carefully, so you don’t end up cracking the screen.

Step 3
Use an plastic opening tool, and put it in the gap between the screen and the rear case. You can push it gently around the screen and it will open up. Don’t pull the screen off, push it up gently because the flex cables are still connected.

Step 4
When the screen is open, you will see a bracket that’s securing the flexcable. There are 5 screws there:

3 screws (1.2 mm) – The screws in a triangle formation in the bracket's lower part.
1 screw  (1.7 mm) – Highest screw to the right
1 screw  (3.1 mm) – Highest screw to the left

When all screws are removed, you remove the bracket. Then you use a plastic tool to remove the flex cables gently. Now the display is removed.

Step 5
Now you start with the display. Remove the earpiece speaker.
3 screws, 2.3mm, 3.0mm and 2.2mm (from the left).

When you have removed the screws, you remove the bracket over the speaker.

Step 6
Now you remove the front facing camera. You can easily use the same plastic tool as before.
When the camera is up, you can remove the speaker with a small plier.
Then you use a spudger to push out the light sensor and camera.

Step 7
Carefully push the microphone with the spudger so its removed from the adhesive that's holding it down to the display.

Step 8
Home button.

Remove the two 1.9mm screws securing the home button.
Now use the spudger and disconnect the home button flex from the connector by pushing it away.
Remove the home button. You can use your finger and push the button from the other side and when it's up, you use the spudger to remove it from the adhesive.

Step 9
LCD shield plate.
The plate now has one screw in the bottom and the top. 3 screws on the right and left side. Remove these screws and take off the LCD shield. When you remove it, gently push it up and use a spudger to remove the connector for the homebutton.